About Qur'an Classes Online Academy!

Quran classes Online Academy message is “the holy Quran for self not for a shelf”. It is the Islamic institute for those who want to learn the holy Quran and Islamic knowledge at the comfort of their home. At Quran Classes Online, under the guidance of skillful administrators and faculty members, students of all ages have equal opportunities to seek knowledge of Islam and the Quran.

Our aim is to provide quality Quranic and Islamic education online. Our main focus is on reciting the holy Quran with Tajweed rules because it is necessary for reverence and submission in Salah and our routine life while reading the holy Quran. We also consider it very important that every individual should have basic knowledge of Islam.

Quality Education
For Elders

Quran Classes Online Academy is the home of online Islam and Quran learning. We have specially designed courses for elders. If you think that you have become overage to learn the holy Quran or you do not have time to learn the holy Quran.

Brothers and Sisters! If you have strong desire to learn the holy Quran than you are not bound with age or time factor, just make strong prayer from Allah, He will definitely make hidden paths for you and give you the strength to learn the holy Quran.

Quality Education
For Children/Kids

Our qualified teachers will guide the children to complete the lifelong journey of learning the Quran and Islam. Our goal is to provide the child with all the resources and inspiration he/she needs to learn the Quran and Islam effectively.

Quranclasses.online realizes that each child’s needs are unique. Quranclasses.online has gathered the largest learning materials and information from experts, including courses, learner activities and video lessons, to provide him/her with She helps.

About Faculty

Only a reliable, well educated, sharing, encouraging, honest, co-operative, inspiring, and caring teacher can give rise to a student’s confidence so that he/she can enjoy studies. Our teachers are well educated and experienced in their respective fields of study. We have selected those teachers, who had shown excellent results during their academic sessions.


We just pray from Allah that every Muslim should have proper knowledge of Islam and The Holy Quran. We are trying our very best to provide Quality Quranic knowledge throughout the World