A Quranic tafsir attempts to provide elucidation, explanation, interpretation, context, or commentary for clear understanding and conviction of words of Allah.

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About Tafseer Quran Course

Mankind requires Tafseer of the Quran for exploring the treasure present in it. Trials and afflictions are a part of life as Allah tells us of this and forewarns us so we will remember that, in the end, Allah is the One who is in charge of all our affairs. The message of Allah is present in the Quran and the online Tafseer course at the Quran classes institute makes you ready to understand both the literal and contextual meaning of the verses. It will make your knowledge operational and make it available to use in your daily life.

Reciting the Quran is lovely, but it is much more wonderful when we study it with complete comprehension, the translation, the history, and the words of the Quran. The language barrier prohibits many English-speaking Muslims from fully comprehending the profound meanings of the Quran, which makes it difficult for them to master the Tafseer. Tafseer is the process of interpreting the Quran to make it easier for all Muslims to comprehend. Muslims will not be able to grasp the Quran, its teachings, directives, and prohibitions without studying the Quran Tafseer because the correct implementation of Islam is founded on an appropriate understanding of the message from Allah.

The online Quran Tafseer Course’s main objective is interpreting the Quran. Tafseer addresses topics including linguistics, theology, morphology, orders, prohibitions, halal, and haram, as well as all forms of worship, the Islamic creed, legal precedent, and more. Briefly, the Quranic Tafseer is an effort to provide commentary that explains and interprets the will of Allah as it is revealed in the Holy Quran.

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    In the Tafsir Quran course, you’ll learn:

    • Understanding the science of Tafsir Al Quran
    • Meaning of verses word by word
    • The contextual meaning of the Word
    • Learn Islamic laws
    • Skills in scholarly writings
    • Skills in scholarly writings
    • The sophistic ideas through the oral display
    • Quranic explanations in Arabic
    • Explain each Sura and its verses with references
    • Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)