Islamic Studies


Islamic Studies

Learn all you need about the Islam religion for you or your kids; this course is personalized and customized based on student’s age, knowledge, and needs.

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About Islamic Studies Course

The Quran classes institute gives students a thorough introduction to religious and theological studies that are deeply founded in the classical writings of Islam. The online Islamic studies course draws from traditional Islamic teachings while also connecting these teachings to modern issues and contexts. This allows students to move beyond a purely academic understanding of Islam to a more informed application in their daily lives and engagements.

Aqeedah (Islamic faith), Fiqh (jurisprudence), Tafseer (Quranic interpretation), Hadith, and Seerah (biography of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) are just a few of the sub-areas of study covered in the curriculum, which has been meticulously designed to provide students a thorough knowledge of them. To supplement the study of particular Arabic Islamic literature, such as Quranic verses and Hadeeth (narrations of Prophet Muhammad PBUH), the curriculum contains courses that provide fundamental knowledge of Arabic text.

The Quran online Institute is the best option for students who want to learn more about Islam, whether to better comprehend how Muslims should live their lives or to add Islamic principles to other fields or disciplines. While the Islamic studies course is categorized and organized generically as in-depth theological and religious studies that provide chances for self-enrichment.

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    In the Islamic Studies course, you will learn:

    • Foundation knowledge of the principles of Islam
    • Acts of worship
    • 5 Pillars of Islam
    • 6 Pillars of Faith in Islam
    • The tools needed to navigate the basic tenants of faith
    • Practical insight into living the theoretical principals of faith
    • Islamic Philosophy
    • Islamic History
    • Stories of the prophets
    • Fiqh
    • Aqidah
    • Hadith
    • Tafseer of Quran (interpretation)