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Quran Memorization

In this course, your Quran teacher will start with the short Surahs to the long ones to ensure easy, gradual memorization of all of the Holy Quran.

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About Quran Memorization Course

Every Muslim has the desire to memorize the Quran with proper Tajweed. The main obstacle for remembering, however, is a lack of adequate instruction from qualified teachers. Quran classes institute is providing you the right opportunity to memorize the Quran at your home with experienced teachers. The flexible timetable and consistency of our Quran memorization course are its most significant features. You will be assisted throughout the process and given advice on how to remember the Quran by our online Hifz teachers. There are several advantages to memorizing the Quran, one of which is described in the Hadith below.

Abdullah ibn Amr reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “It will be said to the companion of the Quran: Recite and ascend as you recited in the world! Verily, your rank is determined by the last verse you recite.

(Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī, Hadith No:2914)

Students can learn the whole Quran by heart with our online Hifz Quran course. We have the expertise to keep an eye on the progress of each student verse by verse till arriving at the desired outcomes. In the Quran memorization course, we use the right methodology. We pay attention to each component so that the student can connect with it better.

  • Fresh lesson (every day)
  • Newly memorized passage (Sabaqi- lesson of last 7 days)
  • Previously Memorised lessons (Older than 7 days)

Online Techniques for Effective Quran Memorization

  1. Set Clear Goals:
    • Define specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for your memorization journey.
  2. Schedule Regular Sessions:
    • Allocate specific times each day for online memorization practice and stick to the schedule.
  3. Use a Combination of Resources:
    • Mix different online tools and platforms to keep your learning dynamic and engaging.
  4. Stay Consistent:
    • Regular practice is key. Ensure you review previously memorized sections while learning new ones.
  5. Seek Accountability Partners:
    • Find a study buddy or join an online group where you can recite and review together.
  6. Incorporate Recitation in Daily Life:
    • Listen to or recite memorized verses during daily activities like commuting or exercising.
  7. Leverage Technology for Reviews:
    • Use reminder apps to prompt regular review sessions of previously memorized content.

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    In the Quran Memorization Course, you’ll learn:

    • Learn the 4 techniques of fast Hifz
    • Learn the forgetfulness types and how can solve problems
    • Increasing your memory abilities
    • Quantum reading technique
    • Scan reading technique
    • Deep memorization
    • Advantages of Quran recitation by heart
    • Importance of becoming Hafiz/Hafiza