Learn Advanced Tajweed Rules

Advance Tajweed Rules

Learn Advance Tajweed Rules

In this Tajweed course, you will learn the rules of Tajweed, starting from the principles of recitation to the characteristics and Quran letters articulation.

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About Advance Tajweed Rules

Advanced Tajweed contains rules that are an essential part of reciting the Quran. You will put those rules like idghaam, Qalqalah, etc. into effect throughout the advanced Tajweed course at Quran classes institute to get easy with them. For the prolonged (madd or mudd) letters, there are 17 emission locations (makhrij al-urf), distributed across the mouth, including the tongue, lips, nose, and throat. Since you can’t learn advanced Tajweed via just theoretical sessions, this course is really the most practical one. You will learn the ideal techniques to pronounce each and every letter of the Quran correctly from well-regarded Tajweed teachers.

Moreover, it might be hard to comprehend how much the Arabic language has evolved during the Prophet Muhammad’s lifetime and after. He did indeed live in a period when English was hardly a language at all. To those who speak English now, it would be completely unrecognizable. However, the Arabic of the Quran has survived over the ages because of the Muslim community’s vigilance and the value of Tajweed. Tajweed is still an essential component of Islamic life today and is required of every Muslim who reads the Quran so avail of this opportunity of learning.

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    In Quran Tajweed course, you will learn:

    • What is Tajweed
    • Benefits of learning Tajweed
    • Heavy and light letters
    • Rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween
    • Rules of Meem Saakin
    • Qabala
    • Laam in the exalted name of Allah
    • Letter Raa rules
    • Madd – Lengthening rules
    • Stopping at the end of words
    • The Qualities of the letters
    • Exercises

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