Learn Noorani Qaida


Learn Noorani Qaida

``Learn Noorani Qaida`` is a unique course made especially for kids to instill the love of learning the Quran in their hearts at a young age.

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About Reading Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a guideline for beginners to learn Quranic Arabic. It assists you or your kids in familiarizing themselves with Arabic letters and their proper pronunciation. For the purpose of reciting the Quran, it is crucial to learn the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce each in all of its variant forms. With the help of well-educated and experienced teachers at the Quran classes institute, you can learn the recitation of the Quran correctly.

Additionally, Noorani Qaida is one of the greatest sources for demonstrating the fundamentals of the Quran’s recitation with Tajweed. The book begins with the Arabic Alphabet and gradually leads the reader from simple to complex letters, Quranic Ayats, and Tajweed rules like Short Vowels (Harakah) and Long Vowels (Haroof-e-Maddah). It also includes several exercises to solidify your learning. If you have difficulty remembering and identifying Arabic accents, it is important to acquaint yourself with them in your first language, such as English. The Quran Classes Online Academy will help you to be consistent in your learning, maintain repeatability of lessons, and interact with professional teachers to facilitate your learning process so that you could get better outcomes.

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    In the Noorani Qaida Course, You Will Learn

    • Singular Arabic Alphabets
    • Alphabetical order Alphabets
    • Non-Alphabetical order Alphabets
    • Noon-e-Qutni
    • Compound letters
    • Short vowels-Movement (Harakat)
    • Long vowels (Huroof Maddah)
    • Nunnation (Tanween)
    • Quincy ( Jazam)
    • Duplication (Tashdeed)
    • Noon Mushaddah
    • Meem Mushaddah
    • Expression (Izhar)
    • Combination (Idghaam)
    • Inversion (Iqlaab)