Quran Classes for Kids

quran classes for kids

Quran Classes for Kids

This course offers a complete path of Quran learning for kids ranging from learning Quran reading & recitation to studying Tajweed & memorizing the Quran.

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About Quran for Kids Course

Every parent wants the best for their kids both in this life and the one to come. Teaching your children the Quran is indeed the finest gift you can give them in this life and the next. As we know, the chances of sticking the lesson in the mind of children enhance when things start earlier. Quran Classes Institute concentrates on helping kids for learning the Quran and provides a careful selection of online Quran classes for kids that support them in growing their knowledge of the Quran.

This course is specially made for youngsters since it offers an enjoyable and engaging environment for them to study the Quran. Our young students will learn how to recite the Quran elegantly while following the Tajweed principles under the direction of our qualified online Quran tutors. In addition to reading the Quran at the online Quran course for children, students will also learn several well-known ayat and Surahs of the Quran by memory. There is also a facility to assess students by doing a free evaluation session to determine their level. Then, they will choose to start foundational classes, Hifz classes, or advanced recitation classes.

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    In the Quran for Kids Classes, your kids’ll learn:

    • Arabic Language for Kids
    • Quran Reading Basics for Kids
    • Quran Recitation for Kids
    • Basic Tajweed Rules for Kids
    • Quran Memorization for Kids
    • Quran Tafseer for Kids