How To Help Your Young Child Become A Hafiz

Numerous devoted parents have assisted their children in becoming hafiz too young. Keep in mind that children who begin learning the Quran at age 5 or 6 can complete it by age 8 or 9, or even earlier, depending on their learning strategy.

Memorization is a lengthy process that requires time, attention, commitment, and effort, but it is not difficult, since thousands of young children have memorised large amounts of information. Providing children with a positive outlook in every aspect will undoubtedly have miraculous effects.

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Suggestions to Help Your Youngsters Become Hafiz

Your children will be able to become Quran Hafiz at a young age if you follow these guidelines, which have been rigorously tested and proved.

Provide your children with an encouraging home environment.

You should not require your children to memorise the Quran, even as a required textbook for passing exams. Instead, create a supportive environment at home where they are raised according to the teachings of Islam and praised for every small act of kindness.

In this approach, you may naturally encourage children to memorise the Quran. Discuss the following topics in greater detail than usual to set the way for Hifz:

The significance of Quran study.

Rewards for reciting each and every harf’ (letter).

Reasons for establishing a relationship with the Book of Allah.

The more you discuss Islam and its significance, the sooner your children will appreciate Quran memorising and follow the path you have paved for them. Remember that if they are not encouraged, they will not continue gladly.

2.Inculcate Quranic Affection from Early Childhood

Discuss topics such as why Allah created us and how much He loves us.

Stories narrated in the Quran. Prophets’ sayings and duas.

Never discuss Allah’s wrath in front of your children; instead, emphasise His mercy, love, and blessings. Thus, children will develop an attachment to Him and be eager to absorb every word He says. Our online Quran platform, Quran classes, excels in this regard with their Islamic Classes for Children.

3.Enroll in Trustworthy Quran Memorization Classes

Because you may lose concentration and continuity at home, this is an excellent piece of advice to consider when attempting to memorise the Quran as a child. Find a reputable platform that is well-known for offering children’s courses.

Quran classes is one of the leading platforms offering the greatest hifz classes for children. They are providing children with the following amenities, which you will find appealing.

Professional native Arab tutors Different Structured Hifz Plans Interactive One-on-One Lessons Unique Hifz Techniques Affordable Fee Structure Tests and Quizzes Report Cards Progress and Lesson Tracker Certificate

You can utilise their free trial to observe their operation.

4.Commence With The Brief Surahs

To keep children interested and motivated in this endeavour, you should have them begin with short, typically simple surahs. Beginning the intensive hifz programme is simplest with the surahs from Juz Amma, the 30th Chapter of the Quran.

Once your children are engaged and gaining momentum in their studies, you can allow them to go on to slightly lengthier Surahs.

5.Daily Revision of Previous Sections Using an Appropriate Plan

Lessons memorised everyday should be reviewed frequently since the Prophet Muhammad SAWW said, “…Regularly recite the Qur’an, for it escapes your chest faster than a camel” (Sahih Bukhari Hadith: 5032)

Devote considerable time to creating an organised review plan and motivating your children to follow it. Games, Surah stories, and puzzles can be utilised to develop revising strategies. Make it engaging for your children to prevent them from being burdened.

6.Ensure That They Comprehend the Meaning

If you understand what you are reading and memorising, the process will become simple and interesting. The same holds true for children; if they comprehend the overarching meaning of the Surah they are about to read, they will never forget its meaning.

Assume that your child will learn Surah Al-Feel and recount the account of Abraham and the birds, as well as the chapter’s general background and lesson. They will be eager to learn and discover further tales.

Similarly, our teachers at Quran classes engage children in the verses they are learning by employing this technique in Quran sessions for children. Even animated images of the narratives included in each Surah are displayed. It transforms the memorising training into a novel experience.

7.Learn Together With Your Child

Put yourself in their shoes and experience the cost of memorising! Many parents reprimand their children for not learning properly, making mistakes, or not achieving good marks. This is due to the fact that they have not experienced what their young stars are enduring. Therefore, it is wise to be their Hifz Buddy and understand what they are learning each day. Only then can you comprehend how much effort is required.

Additionally, children will be motivated and enjoy having a lesson companion. When they see that you are also remembering the same verses, they will be eager to compete with you. You can let them win to make them happy and encourage them to beat you to the finish line.

Being a friend will provide a positive learning environment at home and increase children’s connection to Islam. In contrast, if only one member of the family is learning the Quran while the others are engaged in other activities, the individual who is memorising will feel bored or confined! Therefore, do not make them flee from the Quran; instead, enjoy hifz with them.

8.Provide a Group with Similar Minds Kids

Parents must recognise the value of companionship! If your children are not surrounded by others who share their interests, they will abandon their hifz classes since their peers are playing or watching cartoons or movies while they are studying the sabaqi (old lesson).

Therefore, to expedite your children’s Quran memorization, assist them make friends with other children who are also memorising the Quran. This will motivate them to assist one another and take pleasure in memorising the verses.

The advantages of having like-minded friends or company include: They are aware of your child’s class schedule, so they will not interrupt them.

They can play and revise lessons simultaneously. They can read their lessons to each other to ensure error-free recitation.

When one of them is discouraged or having difficulty learning the verses, the others will offer assistance.

Quran classes’s Hifz group sessions are extraordinarily effective, as children love both the curriculum and the company of their peers.

9.Acknowledge Their Efforts

Regardless of size, appreciate it! Children enjoy being praised when they accomplish even the most simple objectives. You may utilise the following strategies:

Give them a present upon completion of any Surah.

Hug them once they complete a lengthy verse.

Storytell them about the prizes they will receive.

Tell their family members about their accomplishment to make them feel privileged.

Ensure that whenever they approach you whining about the difficulty of the lesson, you embrace them and tell them they’re doing well! Allow them some time to unwind before beginning again. You can design other ways to value them.

Stories of Young Children Who Memorized the Quran.

For the purpose of boosting the morale of your toddlers, we have provided some motivational examples demonstrating that nothing is impossible if one is willing to attain the goal.

  1. Maysam Yahya Mohammad is the youngest UAE resident to have memorized the Quran, at the age of six.

Abdur Rahman Farih is an additional youngster who hifz Quran at age 3.

Hussein Muhammad Tahir, a blind child, memorised the Quran at the age of three by listening to the radio recitation.

There are numerous instances that literally leave us speechless. Children have remarkable memory retention abilities. Give them whatever they need to complete hifz early like these children.

Remember that Quran memorization is a full-time job that requires significant work and commitment. If you wish for your children to learn the Quran at an early age, you must model an Islamic lifestyle for them as parents. Insha’Allah, the more you assist them in their youth, the sooner they will attain their goals and the longer they will maintain them.