Important for Muslims to Understand Quranic Arabic

The only language of the Quran and the official language of Islamic states is Arabic. 

Allah wrote the holy text of Islam in Arabic. To understand and interpret Allah’s word in prayer and the Quran, every Muslim must study Arabic, the prophet’s language. 

Why it’s important to learn Arabic? 

The Holy Quran is written in Arabic. 

Arabic has 28 letters. 

Knowing that the Holy Quran was presented to Muhammad (SAW) in Arabic more than 1400 years ago shows how crucial it is to learn Arabic to understand it. 

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Why learn Arabic? 

  • Allah’s chosen Language 

Arabic is the official language of Islam, as chosen by Allah. As a result, all Islamic teachings, including the Quran and hadith, are available in Arabic. It was chosen from among all the languages spoken around the world, both now and in the future. This alone should be enough to make you want to learn Arabic, especially since it’s in the Quran: 

Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.” Quran (12:2) 

This scripture says that Arabic was chosen because it contains aspects and attributes that make it unique. Allah may have revealed the Quran in all languages. But He picked Arabic, and that’s enough. 

  • The Quran’s language

The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic. Knowing this language can therefore aid in a better understanding of the Quran’s meaning and specific details. Understanding the language of the Quran helps one form a closer connection with it. This facilitates both reading the content and memory. It is easier to use the terms in daily life when you understand what they mean. When it is comprehended, you are building a direct connection to Allah.

  • Teachings of Islam 

Most Islamic teachings are written in Arabic. This comprises the guidance offered to us by our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), as well as the Sunnah and hadeeth. Also, a lot of the analytical parts of the Quran and Hadeeth are written in Arabic. Even though some of these have been translated into English, the meaning is not consistent, and only Arabic will provide a complete understanding. 

  • Avoid misunderstandings 

If you know Arabic, which is the language of the Quran, you can right religious mistakes right away. Many people quote verses from the Quran out of context, say wrong things about our religion, or give bad explanations. If you know a lot about your faith and the Holy Quran, this problem can be solved quickly.  

This is essential because many people rely on translated copies of the Quran and other Islamic teachings, putting them at risk of being denied the genuine teachings and meaning of Islam owing to their incapacity to directly speak with the Quran (without a translator/translation). 

  • Increase in devotion 

If you don’t comprehend, it’s hard to connect. Knowing Arabic will boost your spirituality and devotion. This is clear when someone prays to Allah, reads or listens to the Quran, hears the Friday sermon (khutbah), or recites the Quran. In these situations, Arabic provides a close connection with Allah. This might lead to increased adoration as your love for your faith grows as you reflect on it. 

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