Major Themes of the Glorious Quran


Major Themes of the Glorious Quran: The oneness of Allah or the Tawheed is the foundation stone of the Noble Quran. The principal purpose of the Quran is to teach mankind about Allah and His Oneness and Attributes.
The Quran eloquently tells people about their Lord and provides answers to the basic human questions:
who is my Creator and God? What is my relationship with Him?
Why did he create me?

In short, Allah tells people about Himself so they may get closer to Him and increase their love for Him and worship Him alone. The Quran shows people the path and way of life that is pleasing to Almighty Allah. It teaches them what actions they must perform to please Him and what actions they must avoid in order not to earn His displeasure.

Thus the Quran is a book that develops and allows people to grow morally and spiritually. Apart from the above-mentioned themes, some of the great themes developed in the Quran are:

Prophethood and revelation, Satan and evil, people as individuals, people in society as a whole, the emergence of the Muslim Community, the People of the Book, life after death, the resurrection, and Paradise and Hell.

The Quran also describes the stories of several prophets. These stories contain very important lessons.
After one of the longest stories in the Qur’an, the story of Joseph (Yoosuf A.S) and his brothers, Allah  makes a very important statement about the stories when He says:
(Indeed, in their stories there is a lesson for men of understanding)
(Soorah Yoosuf, 1 2: 111 )

Thus, the Quranic verses explain in detail various meanings and discuss a variety of subjects. They expound AIIah’s Attributes, His mercy, His wisdom, the wonders in His creation such as the heavens, the earth, the stars, the alternation of the day and the night, and the wonders in the creation of human beings and animals, among many other subjects.

Some of them carry commandments addressing the heart, while others are meant for the limbs of the body to act upon. Some contain promises whereas others contain warnings or threats. Some speak of the ranks in Paradise, while others mention the levels in Hellfire. Some carry admonitions, while others help improve morals and spiritual growth. Some deal with the history of past nations, while some others relate stories of the ancient nations.

In short, if you are honest about it, you will find that there is no book in men’s hands that deal with so many subjects and themes and is as varied in its content as the Quran.