Questions to Ask before Hiring a Quran Teacher for Your Kids

Learning the Quran has many benefits, both in this life and the next. it makes you grow closer to Allah (SWT) and teach you how to live morally. Muslims around the world teach their children and themselves the Quran.

One should seek the assistance of a qualified Quran teacher in order to learn the Quran properly. Finding the ideal Quran teacher, however, might be difficult for both you and your children.

It’s crucial to get a capable tutor who understands how to instruct children. A tutor is a someone who is dedicated to instructing children and helping them succeed in their study of the Quran.

Questions to ask a Quran teacher

So What To Consider Before Hiring An Online Quran Tutor For Kids?

Here are few things to consider before hiring a Quran teacher:

  • Arab Teacher

Being a native Arab is one of the most crucial credentials for a Quran tutor. You must study the Quran in its original language with an Arabic-speaking instructor if you want to comprehend all of its lessons in their precise  language. If pronounced incorrectly, a word like “kalb” (dog) versus “qalb” (heart) would have a completely different meaning and context. The Quran, which is what Allah (SWT) says, says that making these kinds of mistakes is wrong. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a tutor who is proficient in Arabic.

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  • Ijazah License

Ijazah is one of the most crucial characteristics you should look for in a Quran tutor.

Ijazah is a recognized license that allows its holder to instruct in the Quran. A Quran teacher who has received Ijazah has undergone testing, received proper training, and is now qualified to teach others about the Quran.

However, you should know which Ijazah the Quran instructor holds before selecting them. The Qur’an describes two primary categories of Ijazah/Sanad as follows:

The Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed allows the holder to instruct in Tajweed-style Quran reading and recitation.

Ijazah in Qur’anic Memorization/Hifz – entitles its holder to impart knowledge regarding Qur’anic Memorization/Hifz.

  • Knowledge and Experience

The ideal instructor of the Quran should be well-versed in the subject and have years of experience. Not just a surface understanding, but a deep understanding of the Quran is based on what it and Islam teach.

To learn the Quran well, you need an experienced tutor. A teacher who can recite the Quran using Tajweed or by heart

You should also consider a Quran tutor’s teaching experience. A teacher with the skills and tactics to impart Quranic knowledge simply and easily.

  • Teaching Method

Your learning will be impacted by the instructor’s teaching approach for the rest of your life, so it should be a key consideration when choosing a teacher.

A teacher who reads Arabic and translates isn’t as good as one who teaches Quran and Arabic through class exercises and creates an environment where people speak Arabic.

The right Quran teacher creates a dynamic learning environment and adapts the way each student learns.

  • Manners of the teacher

When hiring a Quran tutor, there is something else than knowledge that needs to be taken into account. It’s the teacher’s manner (Adab).

Select a Quran instructor who upholds Islamic Adab and adheres to the character and sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

You want to study the Qur’an with a teacher who is polite because this demonstrates that the teacher is living out the teachings that they will be giving you.

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