Reward And Punishment

nation reward and punishment

Reward And Punishment

For many years, Nuh (A.S) tried to turn the people to Allah, but only a few people followed him. He was dismayed to see the arrogance and stubbornness of his people. Finally, in despair, Nuh (A.S) asked Allah for help.

Allah told him to build a ship that took a long time to build. All the people laughed at him. They said he was crazy to build the ship far away from the sea. Nuh (A.S) warned his people that Allah would punish them if they refused to obey Him.

They only mocked him. They did not pay any attention to his warnings. When the ship was ready, Allah told Nuh (A.S) to take on board one male and one female of every kind of creature. Then he and his followers boarded the ship and they were safe.

Heavy rain began to fall. The floods covered the land. Wicked people were drowned. All evil was washed away from the face of the earth. There was flood water everywhere.

After many days, when Allah gave His Command, the skies cleared up and the rain stopped. The ship came to rest on Mount (ai-Judee). Nuh (A.S) and his followers came out of the ship. They settled on the new land and filled it. After Nuh (A.S), Allah sent many messengers. They called the people back to the Straight Path.

The last of those messengers was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He received the last message from Allah in the form of the Quran. The Quran gives us guidance about everything. Without Allah’s guidance, people stray and turn to evil.

Allah has shown men and women the Straight Path. However, Allah has given everyone the choice either to do what is right or to do what is wrong. Islam teaches us that there will be a day called the Day of Judgement at the end of time. On that day, everyone will be judged according to his or her good and bad deeds in life.

Allah will reward those who believe in Him, do good actions and obey His messengers. He will also punish those who do not believe in Him, do bad actions and reject His messengers.

This life is a preparation for the life to come. The Quran teaches us that those who submit to the Will of Allah will find Paradise. The first surah of the Quran, Surat ai-Faatihah, is a prayer for guidance to the path that leads to Paradise in the life after death.

Life after death is called Akhirah. It is one of the most important beliefs of Islam. Disobedience and wickedness will be punished in the next life and obedience and goodness will be rewarded. But Allah is Merciful. He is Forgiving and likes to forgive!

He will certainly forgive those who give up the life of wickedness in this world and turn to Him. He will guide them to the Straight Path.

The Quran says that Allah has appointed over each one of us two angels who record what we do in this world. The truly good will be in perfect happiness, but the evildoers will be in a blazing fire.

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