Salat the most important Pillar of Islam

The Arabic word salat, means “connection,” “prayer,” and “invocation, it is the second pillar of Islam and it’s among the most significant act. Salat, on the other hand, primarily refers to the five daily prayers that Muslims are required to offer: Fajr (before dawn), Duhr (at noon), Asr (mid-afternoon), Maghrib (sunset), and Isha (night time). Following the profession of faith (shahada), in which Muslims attest that only Allah is deserving of worship and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger, Millions of Muslims worship five times daily, facing the direction (qibla) of the Kaaba in Masjid-Al Haram. 

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How to perform Salah 

The act of salah is significant. Muslims must begin by facing Mecca, covcoveringer particular body parts with clothing, and reciting words and phrases from the Qur’an at predetermined intervals.

The format of the daily Salah prayers is usually the same. It’s crucial to learn how to say your prayers properly if you want to ensure that you receive the blessings of salah and that Allah SWT appreciates your act of devotion.

Each prayer begins with the Adhan, often known as the “call to prayer.” Salah is a conversation between you and your Lord that is only for your benefit.

There are several rakaat (units) in each salah prayer, and they are distributed throughout the day as follows:  

2 rakaats of Fajr (units)  

4 rakaats of Zohr (units)  

4 rakaats of Asr (units)  

3 rakaats Maghrib (units)  

4 rakaats of Isha (units) 


What is the purpose of Salah?  

The goal of salah is to help Muslims keep their faith and devotion to Allah SWT, to deepen their relationship with Him, and to always be aware of how important it is to submit to Him.

Muslims pray five times a day to remember their Lord, show Him love and respect, call on Him, and try to show Him how thankful they are.  

Prayer serves as a reminder of the Day of Judgment and the afterlife. We refrain from wickedness, we wouldn’t hurt anyone or their possessions, and we wouldn’t treat anyone unfairly.  

Salah brings forth Allah’s blessings and benevolence (SWT), strengthens our hearts, brings us close to Allah, and keeps Shaitan at bay. 

 Salah, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is a very important responsibility for all Muslims to fulfil because it helps us stay within the bounds of the deen and be conscious of our faith. 

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