Top 10 Tips to Learn Tajweed for Beginners

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Learn Tajweed for Beginners can be a hard task, especially for whose first language is not Arabic. Yet, Tajweed is essential to learn how to recite Quran correctly. It helps us to pronounce each word and each letter of the Quran correctly with its appropriate entry and exit points. Learning Tajweed Quran is also important to.

How can I be better at reading the Qur’an?

To complete and correct your recitation, you need to practice and understand the Quran. Where to raise the tone, where to slow down, and where to remain silent. Following the correct attributes, symbols, and rules of Tajweed will benefit you even more from the correct recitation.

Pay attention to the explanation of the Arabic letters:
You need to think about what the teacher is teaching and explaining to you. Because unless you can understand what the teacher is saying, you will not get anything. Consider more. Which will be quite easy for you.

Some short tips that will make learning Tajweed very easy for you:

Do not lose hope:
When you start reading and you find it difficult to read, you should never give up hope. Because whenever you give up hope, not only do you study, but when you are in any field, it becomes difficult for you to do that work. Therefore, you should never give up hope.

Keep practicing:
Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. And keep your mind on what the teacher is saying. So when you practice, remember what the teacher taught us. By practicing, that lesson can easily sit in your mind.

Teach what you learn:
Share what you learn with others. Because reading to others also increases your understanding and gives others a chance to read it. And secondly, teaching another person benefits the teacher more.