why young children should study the Quran

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Table of Contents lists six reasons why young children should study the Quran?

This post will outline six reasons why your young child should learn the Quran.

The Quran improves your child’s ability to retain memories.

By requiring your young child to memorise the Quran, you enhance their capacity for learning at a very early age. Memorizing the Quran at an early age improves your child’s cognitive abilities.

Early learners of the Quran are more successful in school due to their enhanced ability to recall material. You would never have to worry about your child’s academic performance if you teach them the Quran as toddlers.

Consider how wise your youngster will become as an adult. Our online Quran classes for toddlers are just what your child needs to master the Quran and its many facets, including Tajweed and Tafseer.

Your Child Can Learn the Quran Without Forgetting It

According to a classic Arabic proverb, learning a language at an early age is like sculpting on stone. Things learned at a young age are firmly imprinted in the mind.

Due to the fact that the brain is in a state of development during the toddler years, all information acquired becomes an indelible component of memory. This memory then influences the individual’s lifelong development.

By requiring your child to memorise the Quran at an early age, you may be confident that they will never forget it.

The Quran will affect their behaviour, guaranteeing that they never stray from Allah’s path. We provide a Quran hifz training for children that will make them lifetime hafiz.

It becomes easier for your child to learn Tajweed in the Quran.

Incorrect Tajweed can alter the entire meaning of a Quranic verse, enabling the reciter to commit a grievous sin unwittingly. Due to the fact that Surahs and Arabic Adeyat are repeated throughout Salah, Tajweed understanding becomes even more crucial.

By ensuring that your young child learns the Quran, you introduce them to the rules of Tajweed. Your child will begin Quran recitation with appropriate Tajweed at an early age. It will be similar to writing on a white page. Your child will pronounce Arabic words flawlessly throughout their lifetime.

If incorrect pronunciation is not refined at an early age, it can be difficult to correct in the future. Priority should therefore be given to ensuring that your baby learns and recites the Quran in accordance with Tajweed principles.

Enroll your child in our children’s Tajweed programs to help them improve their pronunciation.

Early Childhood Habits Will Not Disappear

Most of the resolutions I made at the beginning of 2022 remain unaccomplished as 2022 comes nearing to conclude. I have no doubt that the same holds true for you to some level.

Because developing new habits as an adult is quite difficult. For infants and youngsters, however, forming habits is child’s play!

Ensuring that your child begins memorizing and reciting the Quran During toddlerhood, you habituate them to it.

The study of the Quran will soon become a routine for your child. They will be predisposed to learning the Quran at a predetermined period each day.

It Facilitates Quran Voice Training Recitation

Recitation of the Quran is a precondition for studying the Quran. If your child attempts to memorise a verse from the Quran, he or she will need to recite it multiple times in order to commit it to memory.

Your youngster can train their voice by reciting with correct Tajweed, pronunciation, and intonation. As part of their schooling, pupils will acquire the ability to modulate their voice by listening to melodious reciters.

In addition, they will learn control over their breath and be able to repeat lengthy poems without pauses. Our online Quran recitation course can assist your young child in reciting the Quran with a soothing and melodic voice.

Your Preschooler Can Learn the Quran While Having Fun

Toddlers are energetic learners who are prone to learn through play. Therefore, it becomes simpler for parents to teach their toddlers the Quran through enjoyable and engaging activities.

Since toddlers are fascinated by different colours and textures, you can help your child learn the Quran by colouring various verses.

Additionally, toddlers like investigating diverse sounds. You may teach them Arabic alphabets by saying them aloud and demonstrating how each letter sounds differently to your child.


These are compelling arguments for teaching your toddlers the Quran. Your child will be able to recite the Quran with perfect Tajweed, memorise its verses, and comprehend its Tafseer far more easily, swiftly, and sustainably if they begin learning it at a young age. Enroll your toddler in our Quran classes for children to begin their Quran learning adventure. Many young children have been taught the Quran by our skilled instructors. May Allah TA bless you with the pride of being the parents of a young hafiz.